How To Find The Best Pillows To Buy

Finding the BEST pillow to buy can be difficult and confusing. What feels great in the store doesn’t work when you get it home, it’s too hard, too soft, or just plain uncomfortable. So how do you find the best pillow to buy?  A great starting point is checking out

Know Yourself

It’s important to know what type of pillow you find the most comfortable. Do you sleep on your side? Front? Tummy? The way you sleep will help inform you as to what type of pillow you’re looking for. Personally I am a tummy sleeper, and I like a fairly firm, but fluffy pillow. Think about the favorite pillow you’ve had. Was it soft or firm? The more you can consider the type of pillow you have liked in the past, the easier it will be to find. You also need to consider if you have any other needs or medial conditions that require a specific type of pillow.

Know The Productfinding the pillow

These days the types of pillows available vary from down, feathers, latex, core, memory foam, polyester and gel. Each of these creates a different feel and some can come in different densities. Some are going to be better than others for different people. If you are one of the 8% of people who suffer from asthma, look for an allergen friendly material, and consider using a dust cover.

Pillows come in various shapes and sizes, and can either be contoured or classic. Contoured are shaped to support specific sleeping positions. Some are specifically designed for people with allergies, or specific sleeping needs such as jaw tension and snoring. Different materials and designs will help with differing ailments. An example is sleep apnoea. For sufferers of sleep apnoea, a firm, contoured pillow is recommended to open the airways.

Know how to find the best pillow to buy

Once you have an idea of the type of pillow you need, it can be a good idea to get some advice from an expert. You can definitely find cheap pillows at your local dollar or department store, but they are probably only best for guest rooms. You also won’t find a huge range at a department store, especially if you are looking for a specialist pillow to handle a specific medical condition.

Tracking down an expert who has experience with various types and brands will help. They can listen to your specific needs your previous experiences and make recommendations based on that. Specialist linen stores carry a large range and have experienced staff. Another option is linen party-plan businesses which can bring sample pillows to your home for you to test out in your own bed. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we won’t know if a pillow is going to work until we get it home to our own bed and lie down with it.

Finally, when considering how to find the best pillow to buy, it can be a good idea to purchase several pillows and test them out at home. Using those you don’t end up liking as decorative pillows or in a guest bedroom eliminates waste and keeps your pillows fresh and replaced regularly.

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