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This is the fastest and the simplest bible verse program we have ever seen. After using several and being discouraged by how bulky they were and how cumbersome they were to operate, we were pleased when our friend 100% PureDaveDavid Rudge of Perth, Australia helped us by designing several different working versions and getting the kinks out. There have been several updates to the program, and this is the latest. It is without a doubt the absolute fastest and easiest to use program we know about.

To use MiniBiblePost you simply select the BOOK, then the CHAPTER, then the VERSE you wish to post. When you click on a selection it is highlighted within the program. For instance, in the screen shot above, you see 2 Timothy 2:15 highlighted. When you have selected your verse, simply move your curser to the place where you want the verse to go. Then RIGHT CLICK and select PASTE and zoooooom! Your verse is posted, with no copying and pasting, no dragging and dropping, just a click and it’s done.

For more serious bible students, as well as teachers, Dave has designed StudyPost! You will find the StudyPost! program here at our website also. It operates exactly like the MiniBiblePost, but with several added features. It has a second screen which you can open or hide. The second screen is for creating verse lists of your own bible studies. Once the list is created you store it within the StudyPost! files and with just a couple of clicks you can have it open. Another bonus feature of StudyPost! Is that it has a Bible Search feature. You can type in any word or phrase from the bible and locate the exact places where the word or phrase is found anywhere in the bible, almost as fast as you can click! You can limit your search, say to Paul’s epistles, or you can expand it to include the whole bible. If you are a serious student or teacher, check out StudyPost!

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